Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Decemberists Poster ContestThis is my super-rushed entry into the The Decemberists poster contest. The objective was to design a poster for The Decemberists first show playing their new album, the Hazards of Love, in Austin, Texas. The album is a high-concept piece (naturally) involving a "rake" who is excited to find "love" and lust in marriage, but not so happy once all the kids and responsibility come around. When the fiend's wife dies in childbirth, he decides a fresh start is in order and quickly and efficiently disposes of his offspring. I believe there is an enchanted fawn and a fairy queen of some sort involved in the narrative as well, but we'll all have to wait for the albums official release on 3/24 to discover the whole story.
I really only had a day to work on this, so it's not how I envisioned, but I'm glad I was at least able to get the idea down. Hopefully next time there's a fun illustration contest I won't be packing up my whole apartment in two weeks!

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tom valente said...

This is really great! I'm glad you were able to get this done.