Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bike Lanes Rule!

I was recently contacted by the lovely folks at BQT Shirts, a tee shirt company specializing in Brooklyn, Queens and NYC themed shirts. They asked if I'd like to create some designs that would fit with their theme and aesthetic. Of course, I was thrilled they asked!
BQT Shirts already has some very cool bike tees, but with the "Great Bike Lane Wars of Brooklyn" this past summer I thought it would be cool to create a tee celebrating the urban cyclists roadways. The lanes in my design create the letters BQT, and the little cyclist is merrily on his or her way. Pick up your Bike Lane Tee here.
I'm currently working on my next designs for BQT Shirts, which should be "yummy".

Friday, September 09, 2011

Chalk Art Mural

I have been very bad about updating my site and blog– but it's not because I've been lounging at the beach with a drink in my hand....ahhhhh...that sounds nice...
What? Oh, right– I've actually had a very busy summer involving screen printed wedding invitations, freelance production work for Scholastic, illustration conferences, designing, planning, scheming and more. 
One of those "more" things has been doing chalk art for Juice Generation stores in Manhattan. Juice Generation is a mini-chain providing all natural and organic juices, smoothies and food. Btw, the Peanut Butter Split with whey protein is a super delicious lunch. Eric Helms, the man in charge, has been expanding his business with stand alone stores and with Equinox gyms, and each new store has more and more chalkboard space– which is great for me!

Check out the latest chalk art wall (apologies for the poor quality iPhone photos) I created for the brand new location inside the Equinox Soho location on Prince Street, which opened today: