Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wonder Woman!
Everyone's buzzing about the new Wonder Woman costume, but have to say, I'm not crazy about it. So here's my version of a Wonder Woman redesign. Okay, so this actually isn't much of a redesign, more like an adaptation or modernization of the current costume– which is how I feel it should be. Wonder Woman is an icon. Regardless of how "silly" or non-functional her costume is, she's been an icon for so long, I don't think it's possible to completely change her look and still have the same effect.

I think we have to keep the eagle/WW breastplate; it just fits so naturally and nicely over Diana's endowments! I think the star granny-panties do have to go, but I don't think pants are the answer, either; everyone wears pants...a superhero shouldn't look like every girl out there wearing leggings or skinny jeans– or heaven forbid– "jeggings". So, hot-shorts to the rescue! Low-cut and very short, in a dark navy. Add a white belt with a gold star belt buckle and you have some nice shapes and colors breaking up the form. And what powerful woman with strong, thick legs wouldn't look amazing in hot-shorts + over-the-knee boots? But just so they're not too ordinary, keep the red with white stripe color scheme. I see no need at all to change the bracelets– they are sweet. I did think the star tiara was a little on the silly side, but she is a princess, right? How about a call back to her regal Greek roots with a golden Grecian headband? Add a golden lasso and we're done!

Simple, I know, but when it comes to an icon, there's only so much we can do!


wej said...

great template!

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Marie Provence said...

I love your blog. I did a redesign of Wonder Woman too! :)