Thursday, February 19, 2009

Storm's a-comin'
I went to the New York Comic Con two weeks ago– and boy was it overwhelming. But it was also inspiring– I realized don't have nearly enough drawings of the comic-book characters I love. I grew up in a house full of boys who read comics and watched Star Trek, and having always been interested in making pictures, I looked at comics before I even read them. My brothers were avid Marvel comics fans, and, therefore, so was I. One of my favorite books was X-Men, and I really loved when Storm, the leader of the X-Men, fought Callisto for control of the underground, even-more-outcast-than-the-X-Men mutants, the Morlocks. After Storm successfully beat Callisto, and went to Japan and met Wolverine's lady-love, the free-spirited Yukio, she gave herself a rebellious new look– a punk mohawk with a leather & studs get-up. Rad! (And way cooler than Hallie Berry.)


tom valente said...

Awesome! I want to see some more!

Jon Roscetti said...

You know, I noticed the same thing recently, that i had gotten so involved with "work" stuff that i hadn't been drawing the fun characters i loved. That for all my "I want to draw for marvel" i said, I hardly had drawn the characters with any real attention and care in the last few years. Well i changed that, studied up on them, sketched sketched sketched, and when i went to NYCC i sold a bunch of those sketches along with some commissions, especially of the X-characters. So its a good step. i want to see more of these from you, especially more x-girls. check out my blog for some colossus and kitty pryde, too. i think its time we all get to commenting and posting more on each others blogs too.